Samstag, 14. Mai 2011

Finally! BEAUTOX #1 is ready!

Vernissage | Friday, 13. May 2011 | 20 h
Opening hours| 13. May 2011 - 28. May 2011
Finissage | Sunday, 28. May 2011 | 20 h

With a total weight of 842 kilograms and a total length of 23,81 meters (and therewith barely permissible for the most elevators), 14 kinda young artist collaborated, to produce a book with Text, Pictures and even Motion. All the resulted stories depicture a photo, thrown in the group by one of the artists, in swirlingly radii.
Picture Issue #1

The wonderful first issue of this innovating experiment "Beautox" should be welcomed in a festival like, biweekly framework programm with sound, drinks, fun and fuss.
Live in the game are:
Felix Bauer/Lena Lambertz/Irmgard Missall//Eva Schwinn/Anton Engel
Eva Zeichnet/Tristan Ahpook/Franziska Schönfeld/Alice Socal/Karin Bähr
Marlene Krause/Kirsti Renner/Meike Schlemmer/Esther Graber
+aurora ghost&walls of jelly/Jonas Link/der Schmied und sein Eder 

Beautox #1 from Eva Zeichnet on Vimeo.

BEAUTOX! Veeeeery beautiful!

Beautox packing

Kirsti Renner

Felix Bauer
Karin Bähr

Irmard Missal
Anton Engel
Esther Graber

Franziska Schönfeld

Eva Zeichnet

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